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Best Engineering Schools in the U.S.
T hese esteemed engineering schools, renowned for their commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery and engineering prowess, have consistently demonstrated their ability to shape the future through cutting-edge research, a distinguished faculty and a nurturing environment. As a result, they often end up on "best of" lists.
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Wisconsin judge reaffirms July ruling that state law permits consensual abortions
A Wisconsin judge on Tuesday reaffirmed her ruling from earlier this year that state law permits consensual medical abortions, handing abortion rights advocates a massive victory but opening up appellate options for conservatives.
The Associated Press on

1 min read
CBC, Radio-Canada to Cut Jobs Amid $125 Million Budget Shortfall
CBC/Radio-Canada has revealed significant job and program cuts in the upcoming year are on the way. This move comes as a response to an anticipated $125 million budget shortfall for the 2024–2025 fiscal period,
iPhone in Canada

1 min read
A hidden deposit of lithium in a US lake could power 375 million EVs
Salton Sea has been identified as a lithium-rich region and could yield enough for 375 million EV batteries, reshaping America's energy landscape.
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Law schools love to hate U.S. News rankings. But some can’t let go.
Yale law school’s decision to stop cooperating with U.S. News’s rankings landed like a thunderclap. New records show what deans thought about the ‘revolution.’
The Washington Post on

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CPA Canada is at COP28 but what are the key topics it's expecting?
For the first time, Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) is attending the event with CEO Pamela Steer highlighting how CPAs will be instrumental in helping navigate the new world of sustainability reporting. CPA Canada’s experts have ...

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